Sylvia and Nick

Sylvia and Nick

Sylvia is a charming young student who naturally likes to have a good time. As you might have already guessed, this title has to do with students fucked by their tutors. Yes, that’s right. You are welcome to follow this exciting storyline.

Sylvia is ready to fuck for a good mark

The young student Sylvia makes every effort to improve her academic performance at the university. However, her strict teacher Nick does not want to help his students and assigns them too complicated tasks. Recently, the girl started attending parties. She likes this amusement. It’s no wonder she started to skip classes that her academic performance greatly worsened.
The burning brunette is threatened with expulsion and moving to her parents if she does not pass the exams.

Sylvia really likes student life and she does not want to leave it, so the girl does her best to improve her academic performance.

The student corrected for the better the grades in all subjects except the one taught by Nick. The summer session was getting closer so something had to be decided. Fortunately, Sylvia heard from her friends that Nick could increase the grade of any student for certain services. The girl had no choice but to step over her pride and meet in private with the teacher to try to reach an agreement with him, otherwise she would have to pack her bags. Your hero will meet Nick to have the sexiest exam ever.