Touch The Girl!

Touch The Girl!

Year of issue: 2019
UPDATE: 2021/02/16
Genre: Flash, SLG, Male hero, Big tits/Big Breasts, Dark Skin, Stripping, Touching, Groping, Tickling, Spanking, BDSM, Vaginal Sex, Anal
Censored: Partial
Developer/Publisher: Sawatex
Platform: PC/Windows
Edition Type: Original (licensed)
Software Key: Not required
Version: v1.01
Game Language (Plot): English
Interface Language: English
Scoring Language: English + Japanese
System requirements (minimum): Flash Player; HDD: 150 MB

 An adult-only touching simulation game with a customizable girl!

The whole time I was playing Touch The Girl! I was getting a real sense of Deja Vue. A feeling that I had played this game before! Not just because it had the look of a flash game from like 2008, but there was just something oh so familiar about this game. Turns out that feeling was warranted as this is a game that is a reskin (with a few bells and whistles) of another game that was released a while back.

Where Is Kasumi?

The reason that I was getting a real sense of Deja Vue from this game is that it is pretty much a reskin of Kasumi Rebirth which was released ages ago. That game had Kasumi from Dead or Alive for you to have your wicked way with. In Touch The Girl! You have three new ladies that you can try and get it on with.

There is no story here, you have a selection of girls and you get to do whatever you want to them. It is a real fap fantasy kind of game and if that is what you want, more power to you, and this game will certainly give you that. I just think that more could have been added here as in the original it was the allure of having Kasumi in your hands that really sold it.

We, Gotta, Make Some Changes

While you cannot change the body of the girls, Touch The Girl! Does gives you a ton of different options in regards to what she is wearing. This is probably where the most work has gone into the game. The three girls all look sexy and that is great and there is a lot of fun to be had by dressing them up and if that is your thing, you will like the amount of variety here.

Do You Want To Play With Me?

The gameplay of Touch The Girl! Is very basic. You have the girl in front of you and then you play with her any way you want. You can dress her up like I already said, but you will be also playing with her body for your own sexual desires. This is done very well, but from what I could tell there is nothing new added here from what Kasumi Rebirth offered which is a real shame. It is the kind of game you can have some fun with and then just move on.