Undress a Fool

Undress a Fool

Of course, you are already aware of card games in which players are expected to put off their clothes each time they lose. It’s particularly exciting if you are playing with a hot babe. Just a bit of patience and dedication and you’ll deprive her of the last piece of cloth.

Test your sharpie talent as well as your capricious luck in the Android game Undress a Fool.

Perhaps, you are one of those guys convinced that it’s very easy to outperform a woman in a card game. Well, you are totally wrong. You might face a bitter disappointment if you try.

You have to face off with three charming rivals, each of which is completely superior to its predecessor, both in terms of beauty and in the card game. In addition, they dress much better than you. So, you have to work hard to make them nude. You are all geared up to become a winner, aren’t you?

Key game features

  • 3 opponents, each with unique talents;
  • A growing level of difficulty;
  • A bonus mode “open cards.”